Teeth whitening toothpaste

Smile lab´s whitening toothpastes are the first daily step to healthy smilecare routine. Simply swap your regular toothpaste with one of our whitening toothpastes and notice results within days. All toothpastes are equipped with superior cleaning and purifying properties, you’ll be always kissable.

Free of SLS and Paraben

Cruelty Free & 100% Vegan

Developed by Dentists

How to use teeth whitening toothpaste


Simply swap your regular toothpaste for Smile lab toothpaste


Brush your teeth twice per day


Combine your strip treatment with the matching toothpaste for the best results



Free of SLS
and Paraben

Cruelty Free &
100% Vegan

Developed by

What are teeth whitening toothpastes?

Whitening toothpaste is designed to make your smile brighter. Our toothpastes whiten natural teeth and they help to effectively remove surface stains and plaque. On top of that Smile lab’s toothpastes are equipped with superior cleaning and hygiene properties. Say hi to your new smilecare routine.

If you wear veneers you can still benefit from our toothpastes to effectively remove stains and keep your veneers the same color.

How does whitening toothpastes work?

Simply replace your current toothpaste with Smile lab toothpastes. Brush your teeth twice or three times per day for a healthy oral care regime.

Does whitening toothpaste really work?

Yes it does. All our toothpastes are infused with a high quality whitening formula. 100% safe for your teeth. After a few days you will notice the results.

Does whitening toothpaste damage enamel?
No. Our whitening toothpastes are 100% safe for your teeth and are developed with a non-abrasive formula. Our products are designed the way to make your teeth stronger. Developed by dentists.
Can I use whitening toothpaste with sensitive teeth?

Yes all our products are tested and don´t cause any sensitivity issues.

Which SmileLab toothpaste collection should I choose?

We recommend to choose the toothpaste that matches your whitening treatment. All toothpastes have a whitening effect and they are equipped with superior cleaning and purifying properties. Our THERAPY toothpaste is designed to help your gums stay healthy too, for a full SMILE SPA treatment.

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Whiter teeth in no time

It is both cute and convenient to carry around if you want to take some strips with you on a possible trip. They work quickly, so if you are going somewhere special and want whiter teeth in no time, this is the product. Just put them on for 15-20 minutes, and they will already be much whiter!


Affordable, quick, and easy to use

Almost obsessive I start trying whitening toothpaste. However, I did not see immediate results. I also asked my dental hygienist to polish my tooth longer, but that did not do the trick either. I pinned my hope on Smile lab. I immediately saw the difference, especially after using all strips.

Marlieke Koks, Cotton & Cream

The staining is gone

My teeth stain pretty fast because I drink a lot of coffee. When I use the Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips the staining is gone in only 2 sessions. When I follow the entire treatment my teeth are a couple of shades lighter. I keep the result up with Flash strips once in a while in between my two full whitening treatments every year.