Teeth Whitening Strips

White and clean teeth is a great self confidence booster! Discover Smile lab´s assortment of teeth whitening strips designed by dentists for home use. Real results, fast results and no sensitivity issues. 

Free of SLS and Paraben

Cruelty Free & 100% Vegan

Developed by Dentists

How to use
Whitening Strips




Simply apply the strips on upper and lower teeth


Follow the timing instructions of your product


Remove the strips & brush your teeth



Free of SLS
and Paraben

Cruelty Free &
100% Vegan

Developed by

Why Whitening Strips?

Whitening strips are the easiest and quickest way for effectively whiten your teeth. The strips are very thin and virtually invisible. You don’t need to see your dentist and invest in expensive customized trays. Also the strips are pre-dosed for you and for each session you simply open a new set. Like this you never have wasted product.

How often should I use whitening strips?

We advise to follow a full 14 day treatment 2-3 times per year. Lifestyle factors such as drinking coffee, red wine, smoking etc. affect the teeth and more frequent whitening might be needed to maintain the results. However, with a healthy lifestyle 2-3 times per year will be sufficient to maintain the results. In between complete treatments you can opt for the FLASH strips to have a quick 1 session only touch up.

Can I use Whitening Strips with sensitive gum / teeth?

Yes for sure. There are no sensitivity issues with our treatments. The products are gentle and developed by dentists. If you want to nourish your gums we advice our THERAPY kit. These strips whiten the teeth and are infused with vitamins to nourish the gums at the same time.

Are teeth whitening strips safe?

Absolutely. All Smile lab products are formulated to be safe and effective. Our products will not damage your enamel. All products offer a very gentle whitening solution.

Which whitening kit should I choose?

Smile lab offers different kinds of strips according to your needs. Our bestseller is the Advanced Whitening Strips Performance; a 14 day complete treatment for upper and lower teeth. If you have sensitive teeth we advise to start with the Signature Advanced Whitening strips first. Our Therapy kit is the latest addition in our assortment; these whitening strips will also nourish your gums with essential vitamins. The first strip in the world that offers benefits for the gums at the same time. 

Our FLASH strips are designed for quick follow ups in between your full treatments. Perfect before a date, party or important interview.

Our GROOM strips are especially designed for men, with slightly bigger strips these offer a full whitening experience with great results. 


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Whiter teeth in no time

It is both cute and convenient to carry around if you want to take some strips with you on a possible trip. They work quickly, so if you are going somewhere special and want whiter teeth in no time, this is the product. Just put them on for 15-20 minutes, and they will already be much whiter!


Affordable, quick, and easy to use

Almost obsessive I start trying whitening toothpaste. However, I did not see immediate results. I also asked my dental hygienist to polish my tooth longer, but that did not do the trick either. I pinned my hope on Smile lab. I immediately saw the difference, especially after using all strips.

Marlieke Koks, Cotton & Cream

The staining is gone

My teeth stain pretty fast because I drink a lot of coffee. When I use the Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips the staining is gone in only 2 sessions. When I follow the entire treatment my teeth are a couple of shades lighter. I keep the result up with Flash strips once in a while in between my two full whitening treatments every year.