THERAPY whitening teeth masks

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Get ready for something you have never seen before. The Whitening Teeth Masks® transform oral care into a new beauty category. Whitening Teeth Masks® will make your teeth whiter, youthful and stronger by adding nourishment and strength to your gums. Discover a full smile spa treatment.

Formulated with #SMILETHERAPY

The new formulation used in the Whitening Teeth Masks® are called #SMILETHERAPY. It’s a unique combination of ingredients working together to give you a full circle beauty & health treatment for your smile.


  • Improved whitening formula
  • Exclusively formulated with #SMILETHERAPY 
  • Vitamine E promotes healthy strong gums
  • Liquid Enamel™ makes the teeth less translucent
  • Complete smile spa treatment
  • Maximum comfort & perfect fit
  • Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free, Triclosan Free,  SLS Free

Discover our whitening teeth masks

Dive into SmileLab’s THERAPY whitening teeth masks! Designed not just to impress but to express, it ensures your smile is ready for anything. Guaranteeing freshness and perfection all day long.

So, brush up for the whitest, cleanest smile ever and let your teeth bask in the glory of good looks and impeccable hygiene!

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2 reviews for THERAPY whitening teeth masks

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    This is so amazing!! I drink much coffee and my teeth are like diamonds again really!! Thanks

  2. EN


    This kit is my fav whitening tool to keep my smile in a perfect shining bright way. I love the little case which comes together with the stripes. It is so handy to take with me in my purse.

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