Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance

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The Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance is our worldwide celebrated bestseller. It is a complete treatment for upper and lower teeth giving you smile perfection already after the first session. No wonder this product often out of stock due to its popularity. Get your hands on the Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance before it´s too late.

  • The world’s greatest teeth whitening system
  • Complete treatment for upper and lower teeth
  • Super easy, super fast results

Free of SLS
and Paraben

Cruelty Free &
100% Vegan

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How to use

This is a complete teeth whitening treatment. The box contains 15 double pouches with pre-dosed strips for upper and lower teeth. 7-14 days treatment time. Performance strips have a 30 minute session time. Please read complete instructions included before use.

How to use it

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What is the main advantage of using Smile lab products?
Smile lab advanced teeth whitening strips will whiten your teeth by removing new and old discoloration. All products will also reduce unwanted bacteria and plaque, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier oral hygiene.
How long will the result last?
How long your teeth with stay white depends on several factors. Oral hygiene routines, how often you drink coffee, tea, red wine and other dark colored drinks, tobacco or strong colored food. In general one strip treatment product should hold 6-12 months. Using Smile lab follow up products will help you keep good results indefinitely.
Is this product safe to use?
Absolutely. All Smile lab products are formulated to be safe and effective. Our products will not damage your enamel. All products offer a very gentle whitening solution.

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    I love your products! I have used both the toothpaste and the teeth whitening stripes you will see results after just 30mins 🙌🏼

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