FLASH speed whitening toothpaste

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The Smilelab® FLASH Speed Whitening Toothpaste™ offers a real everyday whitening experience. Get ready for ultimate purifying properties giving you an instant fresh breath and a refined smile. You´ll be ready for close encounters anytime.

How to use the FLASH speed whitening toothpaste

Use twice per day for the whitest, cleanest smile ever. Brush thoroughly and spit out when finished. Dental check-ups every 6 months recommended.

  • High-end whitening toothpaste
  • Superior cleaning and hygiene properties (ASC™)
  • Instant fresh with breath control™
  • Triclosan free, SLS free, Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly
  • Designed for good looks – in every way

Discover our whitening toothpaste collection

Dive into SmileLab's Whitening Toothpaste! Designed not just to impress but to express, it ensures your smile is ready for anything. Guaranteeing freshness and perfection all day long.

So, brush up for the whitest, cleanest smile ever and let your teeth bask in the glory of good looks and impeccable hygiene!

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1 review for FLASH speed whitening toothpaste

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    I bought this in Icelandic store,I want to say that this is sooo good,i saw the results afther one brushing ♥️i have also whitening stripes and cant wait to try them😃I am fall in love from the first trying♥️🥰🌹

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