Founded in London in 2008 by young aspiring dentists and a group of creative Entrepreneurs. A trade seeking perfection in dental beauty hygiene, the other seeking perfection in design and function. The result being a highly innovative smile beauty care brand with distinct focus on design, function and quality.


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  • FLASH advanced purifying mouth spray

  • GROOM advanced purifying mouth spray

  • THERAPY advanced whitening toothpaste

  • THERAPY whitening teeth masks ®

  • SIGNATURE advanced whitening toothpaste

  • GROOM advanced whitening toothpaste

  • FLASH speed whitening toothpaste

  • Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance

    Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance

  • GROOM advanced teeth whitening strips

  • Anniversary Special Smilelab® Signature Advanced Whitening Teeth Rinse

    SIGNATURE advanced whitening teeth rinse™

  • FLASH speed whitening strips

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