SIGNATURE advanced teeth whitening strips S


great results. no sensitivity issues


Smile lab offers superior smile care – the modern way. Super easy, very comfortable and totally safe. The Smile lab S strips are developed by dental professionals, using advanced methods to give you an all-in-one gentle smile care treatment. Smile lab ASC S strips are multifunctional and will improve oral hygiene by reducing harmful bacteria and plaque, leaving your teeth whiter, cleaner and more healthy. This is Advanced Smile Care (ASC)™.

  • The world’s most famous teeth whitening system
  • Superior technology, super easy to use.
  • Fast results with no sensitivity issues
  • Superb cleaning and hygiene properties

How to use it: This is a complete teeth whitening treatment. The box contains 14 double pouches with pre-dosed strips for upper and lower teeth. 7-14 days treatment time. S strips have a 30 minute session time. Please read complete instructions included before use.


how to use it