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A beauty brand from Stockholm

Let’s empower you with the highest quality, coolest looking smile beauty tools on the planet. Let’s inspire you to take your best bite of life.

Popular Products

  • SIGNATURE advanced whitening toothpaste

  • FLASH speed whitening strips

  • FLASH speed whitening toothpaste

  • Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance

  • THERAPY advanced whitening toothpaste

  • FLASH advanced purifying mouth spray

  • THERAPY whitening teeth masks

  • SIGNATURE advanced purifying toothbrush


The benefits of Smilelab

Superior smile care & teeth whitening
Innovative high-end design
Beauty and health benefits
Patent pending designs

Recommended by professionals

Free of SLS
and Paraben

Cruelty Free &
100% Vegan

Developed by

A beauty brand
from Stockholm

Beautiful Smiles

Whiter teeth in no time

It is both cute and convenient to carry around if you want to take some strips with you on a possible trip. They work quickly, so if you are going somewhere special and want whiter teeth in no time, this is the product. Just put them on for 15-20 minutes, and they will already be much whiter!


Affordable, quick, and easy to use

Almost obsessive I start trying whitening toothpaste. However, I did not see immediate results. I also asked my dental hygienist to polish my tooth longer, but that did not do the trick either. I pinned my hope on Smile lab. I immediately saw the difference, especially after using all strips.

Marlieke Koks, Cotton & Cream

The staining is gone

My teeth stain pretty fast because I drink a lot of coffee. When I use the Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips the staining is gone in only 2 sessions. When I follow the entire treatment my teeth are a couple of shades lighter. I keep the result up with Flash strips once in a while in between my two full whitening treatments every year.


About us

Smilelab is an innovative cosmetics brand, established in Stockholm in 2011. Our philosophy is to present the smile as a powerful beauty statement. And our products as smile beauty tools. We develop our products with healthy, effective formulas and with the natural environment in mind.


Our Collections


Our original and bestseller line including our full treatment whitening products focussed on whitening the teeth in a smart, healthy and effective way.


Our fastest whitening system. Great for quick touch ups in between using our Signature treatments.


Smile makeover for HIM. Designed and formulated for a man´s needs. A status symbol for personal hygiene.


Next generation home teeth whitening. A complete smile SPA treatment infused with #SMILETHERAPY, offering a full circle of beauty & health benefits.