Why mouth sprays are the new trend in 2022

In the morning before going out and in the evening before we go to bed many of us use a mouth wash for a clean fresh breath. The feeling after is amazing right?

But, then the day starts, we are on the go drinking our coffees, soda´s, having our lunches and dinners. Meaning, that fresh feeling and clean breath is gone. Smile lab came up with the best solution by developing a stunning looking mouth spray in an easy ´to always take with you´ format.

Smile lab´s mouth sprays are the perfect tool for sparkling clean teeth where ever you go. One spray after your coffee or meal and you are fuelled with confidence.

Now we are finally aloud to go out again and meet people in real life it´s time to empower yourself. A healthy fresh breath gives confidence.

What´s in it?

The sprays feature essential oils that promote a clean and healthy breath. These vegan oils contain properties to fight bad bacteria and the taste is delicious minty. The hygienic properties help to protect your mouth to unwanted bacteria.

The design

If you are familiar with the Smile lab brand you know that design is in our DNA. The patented design of our sprays makes them the coolest ones you can carry in your handbag or pocket. We´ve designed sprays for HER and for HIM.

We like to think sustainable and that´s why we came up with an easy refill system. When your spray is finished simply replace the inside bottle and you are all set again.

Are you ready to try yours?


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