Smile lab Cosmetics innovates the beauty retail business with their latest invention: whitening teeth masks. The masks are part of the brand´s new THERAPYY® line which features 2 products: THERAPY® whitening teeth masks and THERAPY® advanced whitening toothpaste. Smile lab is the first in the world to launch a whitening teeth mask with whitening and nourishing ingredients: a complete beauty & health spa treatment for the smile.

How it works

Similar to what a skin mask does for your skin, the whitening teeth masks have a nourishing effect for your teeth and gums.The whitening teeth masks will not only make your teeth whiter but they also add nourishment and strength to your gums, protecting them against inflammation and promoting healthy looking pretty pink gums. It’s an all-in-one home smile spa treatment and very easy to use.

A unique combination of ingredients work together, giving the formula the name #SMILETHERAPY®. The formula is infused into a thin flexible teeth mask. The masks will adjust to the contour and shape of your teeth for a custom fit. Use each mask for 30 minutes, once per day for 14 days.

Besides being a natural and non-toxic teeth whitening treatment, the #SMILETHERAPY® formula also includes Liquid Enamel™ which remineralizes the tooth enamel, making it less translucent. Teeth appear more solid, dense and more attractive.

THERAPY® Toothpaste

To maintain the result after your THERAPY® treatment it is best to use our THERAPY®advanced whitening toothpaste. The toothpaste is developed with an improved whitening
formula and Vitamin E for healthy strong and pink gums. Enjoy a daily mini smile spa treatment at home. Treat yourself!

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