SIGNATURE advanced teeth whitening strips S+



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The new S+ strips from Smile lab isn’t just the most advanced smile care product today – it’s also the most effective and easiest solution ever!

S+ strips set a whole new standard for a modern, personal teeth whitening treatment.

The S+ strips stick to the job. Designed and developed for comfort and a hassle free experience.

The new S+ formulation will not only give you great visible results – it will also clean and reduce plaque & harmful bacteria.

Smile lab S+ strips are designed to make you look good. Tap into the power of a great smile and make it your statement personal beauty statement.

How to use it: S+ is a complete teeth whitening treatment. It contains 15 silver pouches with pre-dosed strips for upper and lower teeth. 7-14 days treatment time. S+ strips have a 60 minute session time. Please read complete instructions included before use.

  • Superior technology, super easy & super comfortable
  • Soft, thin strips that fit tightly and don’t slip
  • Great results without sensitivity issues
  • Triclosan free, SLS free, paraben free, cruelty free


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