FLASH advanced teeth whitening brush


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When you’re in a hurry or between kisses, the new Smile lab FLASH™ whitening brush will deliver the magic in an instant. The FLASH™ whitening brush is your new favourite smile beauty tool. It will provide you with that final perfection when needed the most, comfortably and effectively. Leaving your teeth deliciously clean and sparkling white. Simply coat your teeth with the soft brush, wait 60 seconds – done !”

  • Super easy and super fast. 60 seconds…DONE !
  • Fit’s into any makeup/grooming routine
  • No sensitivity issues
  • Great cleaning and hygiene proporties (ASC™)
  • Designed to make you look good

How to use it: FLASH™ teeth whitening brush is not a consecutive treatment. Simply use the brush when you’re in hurry for a smile restoration. Please read complete instructions included before use.


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