SIGNATURE advanced purifying toothbrush


this is not a toothbrush, it’s a beauty tool

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  • Patented silver technology for superior cleaning and purifying action (ASC™)
  • Pressure sensitive with unique bristle technology
  • Smart multi-surface bristles clean better and faster
  • Easy interdental cleaning (between teeth)
  • Super light and comfortable handling
  • Designed to make you look good

How to use it: Instead of your old toothbrush. Combine with Smile lab advanced whitening toothpaste twice per day for the whitest, cleanest smile ever. Watch the ‘how to use’ video here. 

Clean just became a daily toothbrush

The Smile lab advanced purifying toothbrush is not only ultra fast and effective for stain removal.

It is also self-purifying of a whole range of unwanted bacteria which normally reside in a regular toothbrush.

How clean can you get from a dirty toothbrush?


How to use it

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