We get a lot of questions about how to choose the right teeth whitening strips and how to maintain the best result all year long. Time for some smile care explanation 😊

Our recommendation is to start of with our full whitening treatment. We have 3 choices:

Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance

Signature Advanced Teeth Whitening strips

Signature Advanced Teeth Whitening strips S+

All 3 contain a full whitening treatment for either 7 days (use 2 sets of strips per day) or 14 days (use 1 set of strips per day). The indicators on each product page give you more information about the rate of comfort, convenience and whitening.

We recommend to plan 3 full treatments per year to maintain best results. But there is more! If you have a date, party, interview or anything exciting coming up and you want to look your best then opt for our FLASH strips.

The FLASH strips give you final perfection in just 15 minutes. FLASH is not a treatment but itΒ΄s the perfect strip for a quick touch up and it fits perfectly in to every beauty routine. Use the strip while prepping your make-up look for that extra smile sparkle. We recommend to use FLASH in between the full whitening treatments.

FLASH Speed Whitening Strips

For your daily finishing touch you can choose one of our Teeth Whitening Toothpastes. All are designed with a gentle whitening formula and the best cleaning and hygiene properties. Brush your teeth obviously 2 or even 3 times a day for the best and cleanest results!

Start your smile care routine now! We offer 25% discount on our bestseller Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Performance to get you started! Redeem the code SMILEFORSUMMER in your cart. A sparkling white smile fits your new bikini best 😊!

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