Nina, Glamour´s beauty editor, tested Smile lab in her journey for whiter teeth and she noticed results within half an hour! Read a translation of the full article here.


White teeth with the help of a beauty product? That´s possible with the whitening strips designed by Smile lab. It works fast, easy and you can do it home. Glamour´s Nina tested the product and shares her experience.

How does it work?

¨In the package you will find sheets with 2 strips: one for your upper and one for your lower teeth. It´s easy to take the strips of with your nail before placing it on your teeth. Press gently and wait 15-20 minutes. Take the strips of, brush your teeth and voilà: you will notice immediate result.¨

How long does a full treatment takes?

¨In total 14 days with 1 strip per day. Smile lab suggests to use 2 strips per day in case you want the treatment to last only 7 days. For the result both options are equal. After finished your treatment you will have long lasting results – depending on your eating, drinking and smoking habits. To protect your teeth you can follow the full treatment for max 4 times per year.¨


What are the advantages?

¨What not? Because it works so fast you can also use it for special occasions – like a date – or a night out. Furthermore you can continue talking while wearing the strips and you won´t really notice them. The other day I was wearing the strips and my boyfriend did not even notice.¨

Would you recommend?

¨Totally, I am super pleased with the result! An expert is too expensive and too much hassle. This is easy, quick and you can do it at your own couch. Love it.¨


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